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Bogilović d.o.o. is a family company, founded in 1998 in Sarajevo, specializing in road transport of goods to domestic and international destinations. With hard work and dedication, thanks to the trust of our customers, we have created a respectable company that can professionally and efficiently respond to the needs of potential clients.

The company currently has 7 employees, the majority of professional drivers with years of experience, and several administrative workers. Our fleet consists of 6 trucks qualified for high-quality transport of goods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from and to all European destinations.


Years of accumulated experience in the transportation of goods and successful business with a number of partners guarantee the quality of our services: accuracy, reliability and economically acceptable cost.

In addition to transportation to all locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer our clients a service of direct transport to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and all other EU countries and regions, according to client's needs. We also offer storage of materials as needed.

We also offer the possibility of groupage transport of goods, the most convenient form of transportation, to our clients, and transport of small quantities of goods without having to lease the entire transport vehicle.

The company carries out regular transportation of goods on the route Slovenia - Sarajevo three to four times a week. Also our company offers ADR transported on the route Slovenia - Sarajevo.


  • Bogilović d.o.o.
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